Band Members

Meet the Band

Bill Ramsey – keyboard, harmonica, occasional vocals

Free Beer Tomorrow”

Bill has been performing for an unbelievable 51 years starting at age 14 in a local band with regular gigs. A promising golfer in high school, he had to make a decision between golf team and music; he chose music and has never looked back. He was a member of King Edward and the BD’s, the UnNaturals, and the legendary Cold Duck band for about two decades. He has been with B2B for about 13 years now. He is a retired engineer with a 30-year career with Verizon. In the winter he volunteers with the Wintergreen Ski Patrol. Bill is married, has one son and three grandchildren.

Bryan Rice – drums, percussion, vocals Just Keep Swimming”


Bryan has been playing his entire life receiving his first toy drum set at the age of 3. He started seriously honing his talent with group lessons at the age of 9. He was in school concert, symphonic and jazz band through middle school competing and meddling in regional solo and ensemble competitions. He started a rock band when he moved to the Williamsburg area in the tenth grade performing gigs in the local area at recreation

centers, schools and private functions. He later studied music theory at Christopher Newport University. Since then he has played drums and percussion non-stop with numerous groups and acoustic acts, performing from back yards to sharing the stage with national acts. Bryan is married, has a 22 year old daughter, four year old son, and one year old daughter. In “real life” he is a contractor in business for himself for seventeen years.

Gary Snead – lead vocals


B2B’s frontman, Gary, is a singer, songwriter, and acoustic performer, specializing in “Tropical Americana” originals, as well as covers of Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown, James Taylor and John Prine, to name just a few. Gary started singing at church as a pre teen and eventually ended up as a member of an award winning middle school chorus. Over the ensuing years, he had the chance to do the obligatory garage band phase in his late teens, before entering the “real world” which now includes B2B. In addition to fronting B2B, Gary performs solo and with his acoustic guitar duo, Ron & Gary, and acoustic guitar and steel drum trio, Sandbar.

Patrick Porter – bass guitar


Patrick was born in J.E.B Stuart hospital in the heart of Richmond’s Fan district. His father was a musician who bought young Patrick a drum set when he was 5 years old because he needed someone to accompany his piano playing. An acoustic guitar followed a few Christmas’ later and he began to write his own songs. Pat would go on to receive regional honors for snare drum in Meadowbrook High’s marching band and would play bass guitar in the school’s jazz ensemble. Around this time he formed his first band, “Pik and Tap” that wrote and performed satirical songs about high school themes. During his college years he worked in “party bands” with future members of the Pat McGee Band, Fine Swiss Cheese, and Big Boss Man. After receiving his degree in History Education, Pat decided to settle down to a life of teaching; it was a short lived experience. He soon found himself in the Fat Ammons Band playing R&B and Beach music around the world. After a two year stint playing other people’s music, Pat decided to join forces with singer/songwriter Travis Allison to work on original music. After six years on the road, Pat felt it was time to move on and formed the R&B uber-group, the Swingin’ Nut Sax. There he meet drummer Bryan Rice who would introduce him to the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle and B2B. Pat enjoys providing the bass groove for all the ParrotHeads. Pat is married with two children and is Co-Executive Director of the television show “Battle of the Brains.” He teaches guitar and bass at the School of Rock.

Ron McCarthy – acoustic guitar, vocal harmonies

Indecision may or may not be my problem”

RMcCarthy-2014Ron’s dad played guitar, fiddle, and banjo for a bluegrass radio show, way back when live radio ruled the airwaves. His dad passed on his love of music and talent to Ron when he gave Ron his first guitar for Christmas when he was 7. Ron performed in front of people for the first time when he, Bruce Truckner, and Gary Snead were coaxed (dared) by Ron’s wife, Susan, to perform during an entertainment break at the Parrot Head Club of Richmond’s second annual Stars on the Water event in September of 1996. This event has been hailed as the grass roots beginning of the band, B2B. Ron’s musical influences include ZZ Top, The Beatles, along with many other 70’s classic rock bands, and of course Jimmy Buffett. Ron is married with a son and a daughter, and works with a site engineering firm. Along with his duties as guitarist for B2B since its inception, Ron also performs with Gary Snead as the duo, Ron & Gary, and with the trio, Sandbar, with Gary and steel drummer, Janet Reiner.

Roy Covington—lead guitar

Footprints in the sand the waves too soon wash away; endeavor while you can to leave footprints everyday”

Roy has had a lifelong love of music, performing in bands since the age of 14. His musical journey has taken him through the early Motown sound to southern and classic rock to contemporary kicking-country music. Roy uses all of his musical influences when conjuring up his musical and tasty guitar licks that add that special spice to the island sounds of B2B. In his day gig, Roy is a professional engineer and serves as the director of utilities for a local municipality. Roy is married and enjoys golf just about as much as collecting (just-one-more) guitars.

Bobby Jorgenson – guitar, bass, vocals

BJorgensonBioPicBobby Jorgenson has been playing in bands since he was a teenager, often out front on guitar and vocals, but has always been willing and able to switch to bass when a band needed it. He’s been in Stepchilde, Stiff Richard, the Gregory Roberts Band, Solid Ground, October, Grumbledog, Thelma Shook, the Colossal Eds, CBJ&R, Mozo, Harrison Deane Band, Us, and Elephants Gerald before officially joining B2B. He had been an understudy for B2B for years, filling in as soundman, guitarist or bassist whenever the band had a man down.  He’s also an understudy for the Bart Chucker Band, running sound, and filling in on guitar or bass when they’re short a man.  He’s been running sound on the side since 1998 and has worked with literally 80 local and touring bands at every venue in the city. When not doing all that, he works as a plumber at Virginia Commonwealth University and is married to the former editor of the Richmond Music Journal. The couple currently are taking care of eight cats, most named after Star Trek characters, because Bobby, aka The Cat Whisperer, seems to attract them wherever he goes. Bobby’s hobbies include watching science fiction television, cooking, feeding cats, doing everything better than his wife, and napping.

Scott Nickerson – drums, harmonica, percussion


Scott has joined B2B and will be part of the lineup for select performances.  He has known many of the band members for the better part of 20 years.  For many years Scott has played various types of rock, blues, and most famously “trop-rock”/tropical themed music with many popular musicians of the genre.  He also plays traditional & contemporary Christian music, funk, modern jazz… you name it.  He is a freelance drummer & Hohner endorsed harmonica player making music again after a long hiatus.

Scott Nickerson has been playing drums professionally for over 30 years, harmonica for 15, and is best known for his 12 years of performances with the internationally-popular group, A1A The Original Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show.  Scott is also responsible for the creation of the first Parrot Head club (Atlanta) and the subsequent formation of


Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc., a nonprofit network of Jimmy Buffett fans and their friends who provide volunteers and organize fundraisers for a variety of causes. There are over 200 “Parrot Head Club” chapters worldwide.

Recently, Scott has been part of discussion and planning with Bryce Wagoner, the writer & director of successful documentary movies, to create a film about parrot heads, with the primary focus on the numerous Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc. chapters and Trop Rock music. He has been involved with this documentary since its inception; the production is scheduled for completion later in 2014.

Bruce Truckner – sound engineer and vocal harmonies


Bruce was a member of B2B since its formation.  He originally hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and was the quintessential teenage beach bum and surfer. He has always been an audiophile and music lover. His first concert experience was at the Virginia Beach Dome in the late sixties where he accompanied a friend on a visit to the venue with his big brother who was a sound technician, only to stay for the show with great seats…atop the speaker towers. All of this was courtesy of the artist that night . . . Jimi Hendrix. Bruce is married, has two children, and works for a local structural steel fabricator.  Bruce recently left the band but remains active in the music business.