Band Bio


We’re a Jimmy Buffett Tribute band whose primary musical inspiration is, of course, Jimmy Buffett. We also play a wide range of music making the stretch from Charlie Daniels to Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith to Tracy Byrd, the Drifters to Van Morrison along with a variety of original tunes that range in subject from spending time at the “Rivah” to our favorite hanging out place: “Sandbar.” A major ingredient in any B2B performance is the same laid back, carefree tropical attitude that Jimmy Buffett personifies. C’mon and kick off your shoes, switch over to island time, relax on your favorite “Sandbar,” put your mind on “Cruise Control,” leave that “State of Confusion,” and escape to “Margaritaville” with B2B.

What does “B2B” mean? Bars 2 Beaches? (the name of our first CD), Business to Business? (are you kidding?) Back to Basics? (no way), Boys Too Bad? (well, maybe). Actually we’re paying a “secondary” tribute to the highway that leads you to the Conch Republic. Jimmy’s memorable album “A1A” does it best. But we try hard to follow in his sandy footprints.

Anyway, a journey with “B2B” will take you along to our private mythical tropical paradise that is a “vacation for the mind.” Remember, it’s Five O’Clock Somewhere.